Why Do I Need A Responsive-Designed Website?

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You may think your current website is fine. “My business is on the internet. That’s all I need to worry about.” But then you wonder why the small investment you made (or large one depending on how long ago your website was created) isn’t bringing any significant increase in business. Maybe because your website is not responsively designed.

Well here’s the thing, first off your site isn’t mobile accessible. What’s that you say? “I can access my website from my smart phone.” Anytime you have to “pinch the screen” to view the site at a readable size you’re not mobile accessible. Nowadays that’s a BIG DEAL; for several reasons. First and foremost it makes for horrible user experience. No one wants to use a site with bad user experience. It’s a pain to squint or pinch just to see what it is you’re business is providing. It’s time to fix this.

There are over 114 million people surfing the web at any given time; over 91 million of whom are looking for services or products. 

The internet is a critical communication, marketing, and sales medium for businesses. As of 2017 more people surf the internet from their mobile device vs a computer.  For the first time in history mobile devices are being utilized more than desktops. You need a responsive-designed website to help your business succeed.

Are you willing to lose out on all those potential customers because you still have your website from ten years ago that looked awesome then but now it’s kinda fizzled out?

Since March 2018, Google has moved to mobile first indexing of websites. 

Your best plan of action is to find a web designer/ agency that specializes in Responsive Website Design. Talk with them about your business goals and what you realistically hope to achieve with your web presence. While this is just your first small step into a larger world there is help along the way.

A good digital strategy is a must to launch your site into the stratosphere where more potential customers await. G5 DESIGN empowers clients to reach their full potential in today’s competitive market. We offer some of the services needed to boost your business up to the next level. A combination of creative design services, such as responsive website design, and solid technology work together to form the foundation of this journey.

Once your site is re-designed for mobile accessibility, your potential customers will be much happier due to a better user experience. They will be happy to check out what you have to offer. Maybe they may share it on social media with their friends. This can lead to a “snowball effect” for your business. Soon more potential customers could be repeat customers. Hopefully if your website isn’t mobile accessible you are planning a successful website redesign soon.

Remember Responsive Website Design is the way to go.

Next time we can look at another step in towards what makes a successful web presence for your company… Search Engine Optimization (SEO). How can you expect more business through this wonderful medium if people can’t find you?

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