Baltimore Web Design Client Testimonials


We can talk all day about how we can help your brand, designing responsive websites, and search engine optimization but we figure we would let others do the talking…

Stephen is very talented in design and development. He was also a pleasure to work with.

Gina Ramsey

When I approached Steve Rakas to put together a website for my company, Mark Bray Country, LLC, I had already dealt with a couple of web designers. They were all very qualified, but none of them were able to give me what I wanted. When they heard that country music was the focus of my business, they immediately went for the generic “country” themed site. They didn’t really listen to what I wanted. Now, in their defense, in some aspects, I didn’t really know what I wanted. They would ask me a bunch of questions, and I would do my best to answer them. Steve was the first web designer to REALLY listen to me. He was able to read between the lines and give me EXACTLY what I wanted. I love my website, and the entire experience with Steve.

Mark Bray

Steve is a great guy to work with, very professional designs that look awesome! Very easy to use.

Lonnie Chavis

Red Dirt Revolution has been using Steve Rakas for about 5 years now for all of our website and hosting needs. Steve Rakas makes our website pop out way better than our competition. We always get compliments on how nice our website is and how professional that it looks. But lets talk about some other things that are the most important. Steve’s customer service is second to none. Always quick on a response to a question and on all website updates. We at RDR could go on and on about Steve. With that said you would be doing yourself a disservice by not using Steve’s web services. That’s no lie !!!!!!!!

Chad Boston
Red Dirt Revolution

I hired Steve Rakas to build our website for the company that I last worked for. Steve gave us a very competitive price and a wonderful product. Before we hired Steve our website looked like a 1970 newspaper article. He gathered our team together and structured the content that we needed to collaborate on in order for him to build us the perfect website. The end result was a very user-friendly beautifully laid out site. Our business from Web site searches from Google and the publicity we received from our existing clients was out of this world. If you want a website built with exemplary craftsmanship and detail Steve Rakas is the guy to call. If you want to represent your company the right way on the web this guy gets the job done for a great price.

Paul Nizer
Advanced Power Technologies, LLC

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